Privacy Policy

Silvertree does not provide any information to any third party. Period. I hate spam and as such, any user account here will not have its e-mail address shared with any entity for any reason (except for lawful compliance with enforcement agencies).

Terms of Service

  1. Users accept and acknowledge that various aspects of system usage is logged. Such logs of activity will be provided to lawful requests from enforcement agencies if so requested.
  2. Users will not use the system for any illegal activities including but not limited storing copyright materials that the user does not have the copyright to, or using the system as a springboard to attack other systems.
  3. Service is provided AS-IS and no warranty or guarantee is implied. I strive for high 99% uptime, but such uptime is not guaranteed.
  4. User is ultimately responsible for the backup of their information. While Silvertree is backed up by various processes, the availability of such data is also not guaranteed to be available. However, the backup processes are very rigorous.
  5. System administrators can delete accounts at any time with or without cause.
  6. Background processes are not allowed unless specifically authorized. At no time can any distributed computing projects be ran by the user (such as Folding@Home, SETI@Home, etc). The only exception is for IRC robots, and only so long as such robots are used for lawful purposes (i.e. channel supervision) and not for the assistance in obtaining illegal content. Note that IRC chat clients or other non-CPU intensive applications can be ran via screen, this policy is mainly about distributed computing.
  7. Any user (excepting administrators or users with advance permission) running any background process that causes a 100% CPU load on any single CPU core, or runs any process (background or not) that consumes more than 10% of the server's bandwidth for more than ten minutes will have those processes stopped and their account will be summarily removed without warning. This is not a proxy server.
  8. Users who are authorized for a SSH tunnel cannot use the tunnel to send UCE (spam), at any time. Any user doing so will be immediately deleted from the system.
  9. Users can compile their own programs within their shell account, provided such programs do not present a security risk to the system. At no time will the user attempt to install the binary to a world readable location. If a user wishes to have a particular application installed as world readable, then a request can be made to the administrator.

Accounts inactive for 30 days will be deleted. You will receive a warning e-mail before this happens so make sure that you
check your e-mail regularly or add an e-mail address to get mail forwarded to in your .qmail file in your home directory.

You can avoid deletion by simply logging in once a month.

Any questions about this policy can be directed to the system administrator.