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Welcome to Silvertree Communications! We believe that people have the right to quality, free hosting (MUD/Web) and services. Silvertree is ran completely out of pocket by Scott Schappell. I do not charge for people to have a shell account here, though donations are always welcome through paypal to

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Tiers of Service

Please view our privacy and terms of use policy.

Data Backups

Data is backed up twice daily via rsync to a local backup volume and daily to a RAID 5 NAS device. Home directories are backed up every 60 minutes via rsync to a local backup volume.


Under no circumstances will any user at any level service host or make available copyrighted material or use Silvertree's services to transmit copyrighted material unless said account holder holds the copyright or has legal permission to make the material available to the public. If copyrighted materials are found in a user's publically accessible areas (i.e. public_html), the account will be deleted. Individuals who host copyright materials and can provide documentation and confirmation of their permission will not have their accounts deleted.

Silvertree will comply fully with any request from any copyright holder or their duly appointed representatives.

See the complete policy

Accessing Services

Requesting an Account

New accounts may be issued on a case by case basis. Please e-mail the administrator with a detailed explanation of what you require.

Likelihood of approval:
Shell Only Account: Zero
MU* Hosting Account: High
Wordpress Hosting Account: Medium
E-mail Only Account: High

Sysadmins love desserts, and if you're a current user of Silvertree services and would like to provide cookies or pie to your local sysadmin please use the following*:

Archon's Favorite Desserts

*Note you are not actually buying cookies or pies, you are providing the funds for the sysadmin to buy cookies and pies, or, more accurately, help pay to keep this site running.

We Hate Spam!

If you have received something you suspect is spam from a silvertree user, please forward it to including full SMTP headers.

Silvertree Communications uses the following services and software:

SSL certifcates from Let's Encrypt™.

Apache Webserver   mod_ssl Interface   OpenSSL Toolkit